Are you 50+ and feeling STUCK?

Either in your relationships, or at work, or socially, or creatively...or all of it!?
If so, now is the time to liberate your true Self.
Be clear and confident in your choices from now on.
Be on purpose.
Be in the flow of your deepest values and aspirations.
It's time to be the You that you know in your heart you were meant to be.

The challenge you're facing:

Negative emotions arise when there's a disconnect between our true needs and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.

It's natural for some negatives to reach a peak in mid-life.

This is because our circumstances are largely the result of choices we have made in the past, sometimes many years ago - when we perhaps understood our own needs a lot less.

It's also true that mid-life is rarely the settled, shock-free period that we perhaps hoped it would be. Bad stuff can happen in mid-life, however hard we've worked to create success and security and love.

In fact, any choices we've made that don't fit well with our true self will in time start to cause discomfort, one way or another.

(This is true at the micro and the macro levels - everything from what we have for breakfast to who we live with or how we earn money.)
Although we usually make our choices as best we can, it's almost inevitable - a feature of our human journey in fact - that some of them will take us away from what our true self wants or needs.
Once the discomfort starts, it's then up to us to choose what we do: try to ignore it, try to cover it over, or remedy it.

Here are some typical issues that people in mid-life face:

Unhappy on your own?
Work cul-de-sac?
Relationship tensions?
The common belief about mid-life is that it’s the time to soak up the benefits of all you’ve done before. Reap the rewards. Really start to flourish. Build on the foundations you’ve been laying for years.....
But you don’t really feel that way, do you?
In fact, you absolutely know you can do/feel/be more than you are right now. Life isn’t sorted by any means, you’re not satisfied, and the idea of accepting what you have now is, well, depressing. In fact at 2.00 a.m. in the morning it can be absolutely terrifying.

You'r worried: this can’t be IT? Can it? ....THERE HAS TO BE MORE....!?!?!

Here’s the good news: there is.  

You don't have to put up with what stifles you. 

Being STUCK can manifest itself in many ways. Here are a few:

  • you're experiencing emotional symptoms that impede your progress through life
  • the marriage/relationship you're in is giving you more pain than pleasure at the moment
  • living alone doesn't seem to suit you and you're longing for something better
  • your main source of income is deeply stressful/ disappointing/ frustrating/unfulfilling
  • you have unexpressed, unfulfilled creative aspirations
  • you're simply not who you wanted to be

When you liberate yourself from whatever is holding you back, then you'll be able to:

- gain greater clarity about the issues you confront and how to deal with them
- experience less emotional pain, stress or other negative feelings
- improve your confidence so that you can do what you need to improve/resolve the situation
- gain a renewed sense of purpose and positivity
- feel liberated

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“I was made to stop and think about things in a new way….. a sense of relief to finally be seen and heard.….Derek has great insight, gentleness and strength.”  (Dorothy A., London)

“The sessions were profound but not "heavy"; Derek's warmth and humanity meant they were relaxed and often laced with humour. His intent listening and intuition meant that he understood what I was trying to say, even when I was not able to be coherent; he often helped me to look at difficult situations from a fresh and positive perspective.

Because he himself is so direct, honest, yet totally non-judgemental, I felt totally safe and able to talk completely honestly and freely. At the same time he kept me "on track", so I did not lose sight of what I wanted to achieve.

His inherent integrity inspires trust and confidence; he also never forgets you are an individual. His coaching gave me back my confidence so that I was able to trust in my instincts, to think reflectively and to start to move on with my life." (Teresa B., Worthing)