You were together a long time. You thought it would last. Now, you’re either on your own again, or it looks like you will be soon.

Much of the time you’re struggling with your emotions, and on top of all that, there’s the practical stuff to deal with! The everyday-ness of life that just goes on and on…... Work. Money. Appointments. Food.

Maybe you’ve tried other things, perhaps even professional help. You’ve gone to the gym (or similar); hidden under the duvet; drank that bottle of wine and more; planned something social or something different.

But nothing really does it. The hurt doesn’t go away. The overwhelm still overwhelms. The best you seem able to do is be distracted. In your heart you feel stuck, with only ‘time will heal’ for comfort.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The help you really need spans at least two fundamental aspects of your life, simultaneously:

A. the practical stuff- like looking after family, working effectively, managing money and the home etc., etc. etc….

B. your own inner world– the hurt you feel and what you think about, and as a result what you now do with your time (in this suddenly strange and lonely world)

You feel trapped because you can’t get on top of A when B is so new and alarming.

And you can’t sort B out because of the demands of A.

The truth is you need four things, four qualities, and you need them quickly:

  1. permission to grieve -  so you can let go fully and with integrity

  2. emotional balance - so you can feel like you again, not overwhelmed

  3. clarity - so you can see what your true priorities are

  4. purpose - so you can build towards a more fulfilling life again

With these in place, it’s much easier to build the life you want out of what perhaps right now feels more like debris.

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