It's a life-changing event.

It doesn't have to be a life-damaging one.

The end of a once-loving relationship is a critical moment in life. It can be hard to navigate through it all when emotions are so intense, even overwhelming;  and when we can feel so vulnerable: ‘Will I ever love again? How can I trust? Who am I now? 

And then there’s the practical stuff to deal with too:  the decisions to make; what to say and when to say it; new arrangements, new routines……family, work, money….

…and what about your new life, out of relationship? How can you create something that feels right and satisfying?

Perhaps you’ve already tried various things, maybe even sought professional help. And family and friends can be a blessing. But there are still lots of obstacles, lots of uncertainty. The present is really difficult, the future looks scary.

In your heart you feel stuck, with only ‘time will heal’  for comfort.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are ways available to you that will not only help you start to feel restored now, they’ll also start to open up a brighter future for yourself and those around you.

You can find ease and you can find clarity, and you can start now.

Hi, I’m Derek Hassack. I have over 14 years professional experience helping people deal successfully with the challenges of relationship break-down and break-up.
As one client described it “through working with Derek I was able to get back my confidence, think reflectively and start to move on with my life”.
Any personal crisis can also be a source of transformation and growth – and that’s what my clients experience.

Former client, Teresa Brown said:

“Derek’s intent listening and intuition meant that he understood what I was trying to say, even when I was not able to be coherent; he often helped me to look at difficult situations from a fresh and positive perspective.

I felt totally safe and able to talk completely honestly and freely. At the same time he kept me on-track, so I didn’t lose sight of what I wanted to achieve.

Derek’s inherent integrity inspires trust and confidence; he also never forgets you are an individual. His coaching gave me back my confidence so that I was able to trust in my instincts, to think reflectively and to start to move on with my life.”


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