Are you over 45 and feeling STUCK? Are you longing for something better? 

You have the life-experience and all the personal skills you need to be living a rewarding life-on-purpose – BUT it just isn’t happening to the extent you want.

There are many possible reasons for this, for example…..

  • choices made years ago haven’t lead you to the place you imagined they would
  • circumstances have shifted and (suddenly) there’s a whole new set of challenges
  • your own evolution is now making you push against the limitations of your circumstances

Perhaps there’s pain to be healed, or perhaps you simply need to make some new choices. Or both.

Whatever is holding you back, aged 45+ there are 3 things that are (nearly) always true:

  1. you have the experience and skills to make the changes you need and live the life you want
  2. you know there’s always more to learn about yourself
  3. you feel an increasingly pressing yearning to be authentically you

“Look into your heart with all diligence, for from it spring all the issues of life”

Think of your present-day obstacles as a call from your heart, asking you to look again and see how you can make your life better than ever. The healing you do now, the changes you make now, will enable you to flourish authentically in the next phase of your life.

They say that bad things happen for a good reason – to nudge you into reviewing and amending your choices. If so, and if you’re experiencing some negative things right now, then perhaps it’s time to make changes.

“Life continually offers us hints. If we don’t take them, then it comes back and hits us!” (Carl Jung)

All you have done and seen so far is just the start, the foundation for your life ahead. The past has brought you here and now it’s gone – fulfilment lies in the present and the future.

I can help if any of these are true for you:

> you’re experiencing emotional symptoms that impede your progress through life

> the marriage/relationship you’re in is giving you more pain than pleasure at the moment

> living alone doesn’t seem to suit you and you’re longing for something better

> work/career isn’t fulfilling and/or it’s overwhelming you to the point of imbalance

> you’re simply not who you wanted to be

Somehow you’ve slipped off-track and you’re not fulfilling your potential.

The difficulties you’re facing may be the product of being out of alignment with your true purpose and your best self.

The good news is you can get back on track, back to your Self. And there’s no time like the present! 

Life wants us to grasp the opportunities that are abundant around us. As we get older, it wants this more and more. If we’re not fulfilling ourselves then Life has a habit of showing us when and how we’re off-track. It shows us through difficulties of various kinds: stress or overwhelm at work; blocked creative aspirations; relationship pain; family conflicts; spiritual uncertainties; lack of confidence; loneliness or isolation, anxiety, stress, boredom, anger, erratic behaviour, a whole range of chronic and acute physical ailments….there’s no end to the negatives that can afflict us when we’re off-track from our best Self.

Basically, you’re unhappy and you want to do something about it!!

AND…you know that life is short, you need to do something!

So, the good news is: you can.

As my client you will:

– gain greater clarity about the issues you confront and how to deal with them

– experience less emotional pain, stress or other negative feelings

– improve your confidence so that you can do what you need to improve/resolve the situation

– gain a renewed sense of purpose and positivity

And if you choose to make a significant change in your circumstances – at work or home or elsewhere – then I provide the kind of rock solid support you need to see it through.

I have many years experience of successfully helping men and women overcome various obstacles in order to feel happier about themselves and their lives.

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“I was made to stop and think about things in a new way….. a sense of relief to finally be seen and heard.….Derek has great insight, gentleness and strength.”  (Dorothy A., London)

“The sessions were profound but not “heavy”; Derek’s warmth and humanity meant they were relaxed and often laced with humour. His intent listening and intuition meant that he understood what I was trying to say, even when I was not able to be coherent; he often helped me to look at difficult situations from a fresh and positive perspective.

Because he himself is so direct, honest, yet totally non-judgemental, I felt totally safe and able to talk completely honestly and freely. At the same time he kept me “on track”, so I did not lose sight of what I wanted to achieve.

His inherent integrity inspires trust and confidence; he also never forgets you are an individual. His coaching gave me back my confidence so that I was able to trust in my instincts, to think reflectively and to start to move on with my life.” (Teresa B., Worthing)