Coaching is a tool to make positive, forward-looking change. It enables you to improve your present-day experience at the same time as it helps you establish a platform for greater fulfilment – now and into the future. Coaching is not traditional therapy, in that it doesn’t require you to focus on past issues and resolve them. Nor is it mentoring, as I don’t provide you with the answers to your challenges – you do.

Coaching, particularly Co-active Coaching, starts with the understanding that you have within you, right now, all the personal attributes you need to live the life you desire.

It starts with where you are now and helps you re-establish greater balance in your present experience. It helps you achieve clarity about what you want and need, and gives you the tool to go about making the changes you need to create the life you’re here for.

Co-Active Coaching engages you in carrying out what might be called ‘radical inquiry’. In this, questioning is a key tool: my questions and your own self-questions. The answers to the questions, which you mainly find within yourself, can be profound and revelatory. They are the seed-bed of new understandings, new perspectives and, thus, new beginnings. I’ve witnessed some remarkable transformations occur as a result of this process, both in the way the client feels inside and in their experience of life, work and love as it unfolds over the course of our working together and beyond.

Co-Active Coaching is a powerful tool to create personal change for good. I’ve seen it happen, time and time again, and if you work with me, you will too.

One thing to please note: the coaching method I employ may not always be a comfortable process. The path to true Authenticity, and to your lived best self, usually lies in finding and challenging some pre-existing attitudes and beliefs. It requires reflection, action and rigorous self-honesty on your part. Occasionally this can raise some tough challenges and will take you out of your comfort zone.  If/when this happens, part of my job is to be the rock-solid support you need to make the process as easy a possible.

If you commit to it fully, Co-active Coaching will transform you, and will raise the quality of your life, often in remarkable ways.

At the very least it will change how you think and feel about certain issues in your life, and will give you the opportunity to resolve conflicts, both inner and outer.

Being coached by me can be a life-changing experience – so you must only embark upon it if that’s what you truly want.