"A significant relationship, such as a marriage, is like a journey. It's easy to get lost, take a wrong turning, or mis-read the signs.
Sometimes the destination isn't what we thought it would be at the start. Sometimes we stop too soon, sometimes we keep going too long. Sometimes we just stall.
Always, we have the tools to repair the situation, one way or another. But too often, we don't know what those tools are or how to use them."
Derek Hassack
photo by David Libson-Hochenberg

At any point along the way we can feel lost or uncertain, anxious or even broken. Often there are practical challenges to face - money, work, family, home.

My experience and training will help ensure that:

      • you quickly get clarity on your situation and the choices you have

      • any bad feelings won't last long and won't overwhelm

      • you turn your new situation into a positive fresh start

      • practical matters are dealt with quickly  and effectively 

Drawing on a wide range of disciplines - coaching, counselling, therapeutic - I'll help you move forward, out of negative emotions and into a more fulfilling experience.

Hi, I’m Derek Hassack. I have over 16 years professional experience helping people deal successfully with the challenges of relationship break-down and break-up.

As one client described it “through working with Derek I was able to get back my confidence, think reflectively and start to move on with my life”.

I work with individuals or couples, usually by Zoom or telephone, sometimes face-to-face.