The work you and I do together isn't a temporary fix.  The improvements you achieve will be lasting and will significantly enhance the quality of your experience.

Can you put a figure on how much that's worth?

For this reason it's best to think of the cost of coaching as an investment in yourself.

What do you get for your investment?

  • dedicated time with the focus for YOU
  • the skilled input of an experienced professional
  • relief from the challenges you're facing
  • new/alternative perspectives on your situation
  • prompts and techniques to help you re-examine what you need and want
  • support, suggestions, ideas, and materials specifically designed for your aspirations
  • inspiration for the life you want
  • real personal (and possibly professional) development
  • support, support, support......

In short, you get your own personal, dedicated ally!

How does it work? 

Sessions are normally carried out by telephone or Skype or equivalent; face-to-face meetings can be made by arrangement for those local to Cheltenham, Stroud or Gloucester.  And I can travel to you by special negotiation.

I work with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis, or couples for certain issues (e.g. caring for elderly relatives).


The work you and I do together is focused on your long-term success (however you yourself define that). This means that a single, one-off session is unlikely to be sufficient to meet your needs.

Typically we'll agree between us a programme which will include some or all of:

  • 1-2-1 coaching or mentoring sessions
  • my written summary of each session, which will include key issues, points for further reflection, and possibly agreed tasks/actions to be taken
  • unlimited email communication between sessions
  • occasional support calls - normally for around 10 minutes - to address particular issues, concerns etc.
  • handouts, guidelines and other materials as required
  • mentoring in key developments e.g. meditation, mindfulness and other personal development techniques
  • regular 'Insight' prompts and messages, intended to motivate and inspire you, and possibly challenge you to look at somethings in a fresh way

In our introductory session, or soon after, we'll discuss and agree the set-up of the programme, so that you get exactly what meets your needs best.

As each individual's needs differ, it's impossible to stipulate here the precise cost of YOUR programme. However I offer a range of payment options including monthly instalments and it's fair to say that when exploring possibilities with potential clients at the start, we nearly always find a way to make it affordable!

Usually full payment in advance will attract a price reduction of some kind.

As a very rough guide, the price of a typical programme of 6 sessions, incorporating 2 x 1-2-1 sessions per month over 3 months, plus ALL the elements listed above (recommended) will normally be £480.

If paid in monthly instalments = £160 per month.

If you pay the full amount in advance the price will be £450.

Reductions in the scope of the programme e.g. no session notes or support calls, will be matched by reductions in the price.

Any further questions? Contact me and let's talk about it 🙂