No ‘crisis’ is all bad news. Truly, in every challenge there lies an opportunity.

As tough as it feels right now, try to reflect on this fact: the more difficult something seems, the more potential it contains to be a source of learning and growth. This is as true in work and business as it is in domestic and personal life.

Some crises seem to fall on us, as if from nowhere. They can seem to have little to do with our own, personal choices.

Other crises are clearly the result of choices we’ve made, of things we’ve done or said.

In whatever way the crisis comes, one thing is certain – it’s yours! You have to deal with it, you have to find solutions, you have to move on as best you can.

But you don’t need to deal with it alone.

I provide clients in crisis* with independent, professional, experienced support at difficult threshold moments: whether it’s to do with relationships, family, work or money.

My clients become able to:

Find quick relief from negative feelings

Gain greater insight and understanding of the situation they’re in

Grow in confidence

Find and enjoy new opportunities, often that didn’t seem present to start with

Become even more authentic in life – true to their own ideals, beliefs and aspirations

And the outcomes of our work together are lasting, not short-term or quick-fix. My intention is for you to build strong foundations, not temporary decorations 🙂

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*Please note my services don’t extend to heath issues or addictions. I don’t provide a medical service of any kind.