Managing separation and divorce in a conscious, heart-centered way


An open talk, hosted by Derek Hassack

VENUE: The Field, Pincot Lane                                         DATE: Saturday April 27th

TIME: 10.30 am – 12.00 noon                                                      ADMISSION: FREE

This free event is designed to explore the realities of the best ways to manage the end of a significant relationship. Break-up, separation, divorce…it’s a phenomenon that many of us experience, at least once in our lives - some of us multiple times. Yet there is surprisingly little guidance available on the personal experience of the end of relationship. We can usually find out how to manage the formal, practical, legal process easily enough – but how do we manage the internal, emotional and psychological process? And is it possible to do it well? Can there be a ‘successful’ end to a long-term relationship? If so, how?

For more than 14 years, I have worked professionally as a coach and therapist with a wide variety of people going through the end of marriage or equivalent. From individuals and couples in many different circumstances and experiencing many different feelings, and from my own experience too, I’ve learned that every break-up, like every relationship, is totally unique.

Yet it’s also become clear that there are a number of common issues and behaviours that permeate the experience of break-up in our society. And these can shape how easy or hard, quick or slow, productive or destructive the act of separation can be.

In this talk I’d like to reveal some of these issues and behaviours, and suggest ways forward for anyone who has gone through or is going through – or is about to go through – the break-up of a once-loving partnership.

I’d also welcome your own ideas and experiences, but there is no pressure at all on you to speak unless you feel motivated to do so.

If you attend the event, I anticipate that you’ll:

  • leave with a broader picture of how the end of relationship can be experienced
  • understand what makes for a more positive type of break-up
  • hear about what arenotthe most constructive ways to go about it!

If you are in any way interested, either professionally or personally, in the realities of separation and divorce, then you will almost certainly benefit from this unique event.

Please arrive for a prompt start at 10.30. Refreshments available.

No booking required.

For more information about Derek and his innovative work please take a look here www.derekhassack.co.uk/about

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