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The 10 Steps are the essential strategies that you need to adopt at the end of a major relationship, if you want to:

  • deal with the pain and challenges of break-up quickly and effectively

  • ensure you create a strong foundation on which to build the satisfying, authentic life you crave

The 10 Steps booklet draws on my own personal experiences of separation as well as over 14 years of professional service as a post-relationship coach, therapist and healer.

It shines a light on some of the crucial issues around separation and divorce, such as:

  • children

  • emotions

  • letting go

  • boundaries

and suggests how to deal with each of these and other challenges.

help and guidance for separation and break up

The 10 Steps contains, in concise form, some of the topics that are explored in much more detail in my forthcoming book 'The Art of Separation' due to be published in June 2019.

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