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You'll get Healings 1 and 2: Grief and Disconnection. Each is concise, easy-to-read, and jam-packed with insights, ideas and recommendations.


All content is drawn from my work with clients over the last 14 years or so, as well as from my own experience over many more years! It's therefore based on actual experience, NOT theory or fantasy.

As a result, everything it contains is down-to-earth, realistic and practical.

The Essential Healings is designed to help you find emotional balance, renewed self-confidence, independence and a renewed sense of purpose in the wake of separation.

Healing 1. GRIEF - gives practical insight and suggestions about dealing with the emotional impact of the end of a relationship - a relationship that (presumably) was once a very positive thing in your life. As with any loss, there's a measure of grief that's involved, and for some this can threaten to overwhelm completely. This section explains HOW to grieve so that it doesn't overwhelm and so you can get on with your life better than ever. It includes an innovative, powerful exercise for dealing with emotions around loss.
Healing 2. DISCONNECTION - explores how to ensure the relationship is properly finished so that you can get on with your life in the way YOU want to. Empower yourself to set clear, conscious boundaries and establish ground-rules for communication with your ex.

Both Healings will help you avoid the pitfalls of separation that so many people ignore or underestimate - at the cost to them of weakened future relationships and/or damaged personal well-being.

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