Life is flow. 

The body and its constituent parts flourish when the blood flows well.

When we feel good about ourselves we feel ‘in the flow’.

The river of life flows continuously.

Tides and energy levels ebb and flow.

But when the flow of well-being is interrupted in some way, then obstacles can occur.

Reconnective Healing helps to improve the flow of energy in and around your being. The benefits of this to you can be many and varied.

It’s well known that the body mimics our psychological, emotional and spiritual behaviours. For example, a person who is lazy or de-motivated will often express this through a slumped physical attitude or by slow movements of the limbs. Someone who is rather ‘stiff’-natured, resistant to new ideas or changes to routine may well have a stiff physical demeanour, perhaps in the back or joints. And it’s common that anxieties around our responsibilities – at work or elsewhere – will often show themselves through neck and shoulder aches and pains. We carry the burden on our shoulders.

When we are out of balance in some way, when our thoughts and emotions are not running smoothly in alignment with our values and beliefs and aspirations, then physical problems can occur.

For we are holistic beings, and our bodies carry in some way all our attitudes, beliefs and responses.

However this is not a straightforward, simple relationship. The complexity of individual personality often means that the precise linkage between thoughts, emotions and physical symptoms is unpredictable and subtle.

Reconnective Healing addresses the energetic flow throughout your being.

I provide this highly effective form of non-touch, energetic healing EITHER as an optional supplement within your coaching programme OR as a stand-alone procedure. Reconnective Healing is particular effective in:

  • increasing energy levels
  • reducing anxiety, stress etc.
  • creating a sense of life balance
  • enhancing clarity
  • improving your sense of well-being
  • accelerating spiritual growth

We heal our pain not just by getting back to where we were before it, but by progressing out of it into something new and better. This is just as true physically as it is emotionally and spiritually.

True healing is a form of personal growth.

Reconnective Healing is an effective way of helping with all manner of chronic ailments and life-obstacles or concerns.

It acts as a trigger for deeper, personal developments, and in doing so contributes to the healing of physical ailments.  .

The outcomes of successful Reconnective Healing are greater coherence, purpose and satisfaction with your life. Often this is accompanied by the reduction or eradication of physical symptoms.

Offered in individual sessions, Reconnective Healing is not therapy or treatment. It is CHANGE. Each person’s healing will be unique, as each of us has our own independent perfection.” (Dr. Eric Pearl, Founder of Reconnective Healing.)

I offer Reconnective Healing sessions in venues in Stroud, Nailsworth and Cheltenham. I can also visit you, by arrangement.

Our first Healing session will normally last for about an hour. This allows time for me to learn a little about your situation and background, and for us to de-brief and/or discuss your experience after the Healing session is finished.

Typically we’ll need one or two more sessions, of up to 45 minutes each.

I also offer Distance Healing. Please contact me to discuss this.

Contact me here for more information and/or to book a session. 

Please note: each client responds differently to their Reconnective Healing session. Some experience obvious, even profound, sensations and immediately recognisable benefits. Others experience very little at the time beyond a sense of relaxation. Most will become aware of subtle improvements over subsequent days and weeks, others will be struck by how quickly and significantly things change for them.

Some people experience unusual events following a Reconnective Healing session with me: electrical occurrences, chance meetings, vivid dreams, unexpected opportunities.

I strongly recommend that you allow yourself to watch and experience the products of this form of Healing without prejudice or expectation. Reconnective Healing will definitely be beneficial, but it can be difficult to predict exactly how improvements will manifest for you.

Contact me here for more information and/or to book a session. 

The Reconnection

I also offer The Reconnection. This is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure which re-establishes and deepens your connection to the energetic network of the earth, and through this to all dimensions of life. The Reconnection should not be undertaken lightly, and is only for those who are seriously intent on re-balancing their lives and working to greater purpose.

The Reconnection requires two sessions, within 48 hours of each other. Each session lasts an hour.

Contact me here for more information and/or to book a session.