Well for one thing you can try it! I offer a FREE initial consultation during which you can get a sense of the kind of process involved – and size me up too! If you like it, and we’re a good match, then you can choose to invest in yourself by embarking on a pre-agreed programme of sessions. Click here for more details.

Throughout the period of our agreement, nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen, everything is transparent and open. You will be the judge of what is more or less effective for you, and you have complete authority to ‘steer’ the work in whichever direction you choose. Co-Active Coaching is effective because it demands your active involvement in the process – you will not be merely a passive recipient of someone else’s programme or theories. This is your personal development, and all that matters is that you feel the benefit.

Also, the testimonials scattered about the website are genuine, and by the time we get to talk for the first time you’ll probably have a hunch anyway. So trust your intuition!