The work you and I do together isn’t a temporary fix.  The improvements you achieve will be lasting and will significantly enhance the quality of your experience.

Can you put a figure on how much that’s worth?

For this reason it’s best to think of the cost as an investment in yourself.

What do you get for your investment?

  • dedicated time with the focus for YOU
  • the skilled input of an experienced professional
  • relief from the challenges you’re facing
  • new/alternative perspectives on your situation
  • prompts and techniques to help you re-examine what you need and want
  • support, suggestions, ideas, and materials specifically designed for your aspirations
  • inspiration for the life you want
  • real personal (and possibly professional) development
  • support, support, support……

In short, you get your own personal, dedicated ally!

How does it work? 

Sessions are normally carried out by telephone or Skype or equivalent; face-to-face meetings can be made by arrangement for those local to Cheltenham, Stroud or Gloucester.  And I can travel to you by special negotiation.

I work with individuals on a 1-2-1 basis, or couples for certain issues (e.g. caring for elderly relatives).

FREE Introductory Coaching session: 15 – 20 minutes – mandatory for new clients

The Introductory session enables you to get a taste of what it’s like working with me, as well as providing an opportunity to explore briefly your situation and the particular aspirations and challenges that are your highest priority. It also gives us the chance to discuss arrangements going forward.

1-2-1 sessions (normally 50-60 minutes each)

Following the Introductory Session we’ll agree the right number of 1-2-1 sessions that will be most productive for you. These will normally take place weekly or fortnightly but there’s a good deal of flexibility with this – we’ll try to set up whatever works best for you.

Occasionally, a single session (£70) might be enough, but in my experience this is rare. If you’re in a place that needs the input of a professional then it’s unlikely things will get sorted inside an hour. It’s much more likely that improvements will come over a period of time. For this reason I encourage you to consider a longer-term commitment to the process. There’s no set programme for this, but here are some examples, priced to encourage the longer-term view:

Programme of  3 sessions: £185

Programme of  6 sessions: £345

Programme of 12 sessions: £595

Programmes of 3 or mores sessions include unlimited email communication between sessions, summary notes of each session emailed to you, occasional ‘touch-base’ phone calls by arrangement, and free handouts/materials as required.

Payments in advance only. Instalments accepted, by arrangement.

Now CALL ME on 0117 318 0585 or CLICK here to get started! 

Reconnective Healing

Single session: £60

Programme of 3 Sessions (recommended): £165 (£150 if paid in full in advance)

The Reconnection

A one-off payment in advance of 333 Euros (This fee is stipulated by The Reconnection licensing authority)

Now CALL ME on 0117 318 0585 or CLICK here to get started!