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The One-to-One Programme will help you find ease and clarity for yourself and with your responsibilities to others.

Why do you need a One-to-One approach?

Because every breakup, like every relationship, is unique. There are common issues and experiences of course. But only YOU know the whole truth of YOUR situation. Only you are feeling what you’re feeling right now, have the specific challenges you do right now.

Because breakup and separation are always hard. No matter how or why it’s happened, the end of a long-term relationship is nearly always a huge milestone and will make new demands upon us, some of which can be really hard to meet.

Because ‘time will heal’ is NOT the only solution. In fact, it’s questionable that it is a solution at all! You will recover and grow again without professional help, almost certainly. But at what cost? How much better can you make it?  Simply allowing time to pass is neither the quickest nor the most effective way to find ease and clarity.

Because you don’t want to have to go through all this again. The way you heal and grow now will lay down the blueprint for the future and limit the threat of repeating.

The Programme will help you meet the demands you’re facing - and ensure that things will get easier – now and in the future.

What is a One-to-One Programme?

Breakup is rarely a simple thing. For example it's often an emotional crisis as well as a practical crisis. It’s a crisis of relationship, of self, and of lifestyle. It can also be a crisis of parenting and family commitments. Sometimes it’s a spiritual crisis too.

Therefore one single methodology or technique is unlikely to cover all the points of challenge that you're facing.

In the One-to-One Programme I draw upon an extensive range of professional modalities in order to meet your particular set of aspirations and needs (see About for more details)

What does a One-to-One Programme contain?

A Programme is simply a series of Consultations. On its own, a single session is very unlikely to be enough for you to get the depth and effectiveness of help that will truly liberate. The number of sessions in the Programme will vary according to your unique needs and aspirations.

Either during the Introductory Consultation or soon after, we’ll agree a schedule of sessions over an agreed period of time.

Consultations commonly take place once or twice per month, but there’s a great deal of flexibility with this, because it’s important the Programme meets your needs. Sometimes I can provide one session per week or even more depending on your circumstances, needs-in-the-moment and aspirations.

“Derek ensures you understand what lies beneath your stock way of thinking. He’s warm, often funny, calming and incredibly strong." Nisha M

What does a One-to-One Consultation contain?

Consultations are held either by telephone, Skype or by another face-to-face comms method (there are loads of them to choose from!) or in person at a neutral venue (see * below).

The vast majority of my work with clients over the years has been by telephone or video-link of some kind. Many clients find the convenience and relatively relaxed nature of such sessions a real plus.

The essential ingredient of each session will be you and I meeting in conversation. But unlike a typical counselling session or other forms of talking therapy, 1-2-1 sessions with me are interactive and dynamic.

“The sessions were profound but not ‘heavy’; Derek's warmth and humanity meant they were relaxed and often laced with humour.”  Teresa B

Consultations can include a variety of interactions, including:

  • radical questions
  • prompts and suggestions
  • the exploration of alternative perspectives

I draw upon the full range of coaching, psychological and therapeutic methods at my disposal such as:

  • guided visualisation exercises
  • re-framing and other NLP techniques
  • a range of meditational/reflective approaches
  • energy work

All of this is only ever provided with your agreement. None of it is mandatory; only talking is essential!


Alongside the technical interventions, I have a lifetime’s-worth of relationship and post-relationship experience to draw upon, which I’m sometimes called to access in service to the client. So I will mentor, guide and even advise if it feels right to do so, and if you allow it.

The outcome of all this is usually a tendency for issues and obstacles to ‘open out’ in new ways for my clients, rather than to stay bound by familiar patterns of thinking and solution-finding.

Additional elements of your Programme

The One-to-One Consultations are at the heart of my work with you, but aren’t all of my contribution. I back up the sessions with the following complimentary services:

  • Unlimited email communications between booked sessions so that you can access ongoing support as and when you need it
  • A written summary of the key topics and outcomes of each session which gives you a readily-accessible source of guidance and support
  • Free handouts and guidance materials that will help you resolve the issues that are most relevant to you, at the time they’re most needed. These can include: emotion management tools, mindfulness exercises, meditation guides, self-discovery tools, issue clarifiers etc.
  • Short, supportive phone calls between sessions to help you deal with particularly challenging issues, between sessions. We’ll agree at the start of the Programme exactly how this service can work best for you.

“I have very much appreciated your calm, gentle, focused approach and your non-judgmental attitude.You have picked up on several sticking points, kept me concentrated on what my issues are and shown me alternative ways of looking at them.  You've helped me to interpret some of the more ambivalent feelings I have and given me different options to explore instead of just defaulting to familiar thinking. I am very grateful to you.”  Maryse H

Introductory Session (up to 30 minutes) – FREE, usually by telephone

A one-off, 1-hour consultation = £75

However one session is unlikely to suffice, so usually the most cost-effective arrangement is via a planned series of sessions (a Programme). Sessions can occur weekly, bi-monthly or monthly - whatever works best fro you at the time. We’ll agree the details before the Programme starts.

Typical examples:

Programme of  3 sessions = £195

Programme of  6 sessions = £360

Programme of 12 sessions = £600

Instalment plans available if preferred.

All Programmes include:

  • Face-to-face meetings with me
  • Unlimited email communication
  • My written summary of each consultation
  • 1 or more ‘laser calls’ of up to 10 minutes each
  • Free mentoring in a range of personal development techniques as required e.g. meditation, mindfulness, confidence boosters etc.
  • Free guides, handouts, materials etc.

If you ‘d prefer me to travel to meet you, that’s fine - but there will be extra costs involved depending on distances and time involved. We can talk about this if it’s an option you’d like to explore.

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