Once in a while I come across a piece of writing that merits repeating in an unaltered state. What follows is once such piece, which I stumbled across on the net a few days ago. It was actually written about dancing, by Luis Ruiz from Barcelona of whom I’m afraid I know very little except that he has encapsulated in these few lines something fundamental and profound:

“The human heart has the strongest electromagnetic field of the body, 60 times stronger than the field generated by the brain, it has the loudest, clearest tone of any of our organs. The beat of our heart impacts on us and on those around us, on sensate, psychic, emotional and energetic levels.

In the foetal stage, the heart forms before the brain, and once the embryo develops from a flat collection of tissue to a three dimensional form, the area around the heart folds out with the nucleus of cells that will become the brain being contained in the folded area just above the heart. So the brain appears to come out from the heart – there are more neural pathways from the heart to the brain than in the other direction.

It seems that the heart is intended to speak and the brain to listen.

Yet we close, fix, protect and solidify in a way that locks the voice of the heart away, while the mind of the brain never stops talking at us.

We can get better at hearing the heart’s inherent wisdom.” 

Wherever you are in your relationship life, let the truth underpinning Luis’ words become a powerful ally on your journey. The heart has answers the brain cannot imagine. Let’s get better at hearing it.

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