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The Introductory Consultation

What is it? What will it do for you? Why is it important?

What is an Introductory Consultation?

It's an opportunity to ‘meet’ with me in order for you to:

  • ask questions
  • tell me something about your situation
  • gain further clarity about what I can offer
  • get reassurance that I can help you
  • get a sense of what having me as your professional ally might be like
  • clarify the way forward

It’s also an opportunity for me to be sure that I can provide what you need.


Why do I/we need an Introductory Consultation?

The Introductory Consultation is a really helpful session for both of us, so I like to make it an essential 'first step' of working with me. It's important that you know you'll be getting what you really need from the paid-for programmes. I'm not interested in helping you waste money - I'm here to help you make sure you invest in what you truly want and need.

Also, if you have any uncertainties or would like clarification or reassurance of any kind, then this Consultation gives you the perfect opportunity for that.

What does it contain?

Our discussion in this session can be wide-ranging and will partly be shaped by your particular circumstances. But some topics that frequently crop up include:

  • what your Personalised or Couples Programme might look like
  • immediate actions you can take to start to gain some ease and clarity
  • costs and how we can maximise your investment
  • reassurance that I can provide what you need

The Introductory Consultation takes place by telephone, Skype or other video-link method, or in person if that's feasible. It lasts no more than 30 minutes. It is a free service and without obligation. This means that if afterwards you don’t want to proceed with a paid-for service, then you are absolutely free to choose that option.

And if you want time to consider your options after the Consultation, that’s fine too.

Usually however the Consultation is the starting point for a professional relationship between us. We may well use some of the time to discuss the nuts ‘n’ bolts of a Personalised Programme – number of sessions, timings, cost etc – though this isn’t essential as much of this can be done by email subsequently.

As with every communication between us, the content of our conversation is entirely confidential. You’re free to bring up any issue that serves you, in the secure knowledge that our work together is absolutely private.

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